Accelerated Back Hopping

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Accelerated Back Hopping (ABH) is a technique used to accelerate players to high velocities. Commonly used as much and wherever possible to cut down time but used at the wrong occasion can increase time. This glitch only works for Portal 1 and Half life 2.


Initial set requires the player to be able to jump as soon as the player lands on the floor. To help with this, you can jump to your mouse wheel by entering in the console "bind mwheeldown +jump" and "bind mwheelup +jump". This would enable you to jump by rotating the mouse wheel either up or down. Another method is to use AutoHotKey to jump repeatedly.

To perform ABH:

  1. Jump forward. More momentum will accelerate you faster.
  2. While in mid-air, spin approximately 180 (facing any direction behind you is fine) and let go of any movement keys.
  3. As soon as you land, you must jump repeatedly. Each time, you will gain more speed

ABH can also be performed without jumping forward but instead just jumping backwards.

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